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Recordings of songs created during DUOS Festival “Women Power”

We invite you to listen to the recordings of songs created during DUOS Festival “Women Power” by Collective AFiNiTY AFRICA, Pwani University, first performed during the concert “From Men To Women” at Distant Relatives, Kilifi, September 4, 2021 within the TPAAE project.In ZENODO digital library there are collected songs Mwanamke by Armskid, Strenght of a Woman by Finity, Mi Esposa and Tselenuvele ft TNC by Hassan Bronze, We can do it by Khloe, Superwoman by Kingscisian.

Armskid, Mwanamke

Hassan Bronze, Mi Esposa

Hassan Bronze, Tselenuvele ft TNC

Khloe, We can do it

Kingscisian, Superwoman

Finity, Strenght of a Woman

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