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Symposium on Art Education and the Cultural and Creative Industry in Kenya

We invite you participate in the Symposium on Art Education and the Cultural and Creative Industry in Kenya: A Kenyatta University Perspective which will be held on Nov 18, 2020 at 12:00 PM (CET).

In the symposium there will take part:
Prof. John Mugubi
Dr. Mercy Wanduara
MA Anne Mwiti
Dr. Priscilla Gitonga

The symposium will explore the meaning of Art Education from various perspectives. Subsequent to unequivocal analyses of the appellation “The Creative Arts”, the symposium will underscore the role of art Education with specific reference to Kenya. The advancement of cultural and creative industries calls for numerous aptitudes in this field. After an examination of the development of cultural and creative industries in Kenya, this symposium will identify and explicate strategies and methods applied by Kenyatta University to cultivate cultural and creative capacities, and to release the power of the arts by offering intellectual support and talents for the development of cultural and creative industries, which in return facilitate the development of art education. On this basis, the paper will probe into the mode of development of art Education in Kenya from four dimensions: (a) Fine Art and Design, (b) Fashion Design and Marketing, (c) Film and Theatre Studies and (d) Music and Dance. The main objective of the symposium is to provide an overview of the main issues of the creative economy in Kenya in relation to the Art Education Curricular at Kenyatta University, in tandem with the rhetorical situation obtaining in the country and region. This symposium will focus on how the programmes (a) respond to the needs of the Creative industry, (b) purpose and are fashioned to trigger innovation in the wider economy and society, (c) address the challenges and opportunities in the Creative industry sector in Kenya.

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