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Zippy Kimundu + Małgorzata Mazur

Zippy Kimundu (director) and Małgorzata Mazur (director of photography) worked together on a documentary film. Main protagonists were members of Zaire Ngome Msaga Pore – local music band from Fumbini village. Zippy and Małgorzata followed them in everyday tasks, and preperations for a concert that the band performed in frames of Duos Festival on 27th of March at Chengo Mganga Football field.

People: Małgorzata Mazur, Zippy Kimundu           
Places: Fumbini village

Anna Orlikowska + Castro

Castro Osore and Anna Orlikowska worked in collaboration with CONTEXTUAL ART Duo. Both DUOS curated an exhibition in the new facilities of Seahorse Dockers School, a grass root initiative of Said Chengo and Mramba Mweni. In this temporary Seahorse Art Centre, Anna Orlikowska realized workshops in clay with Seahorse School pupils, and Castro Osore realized a mural embeded in the local context.

People: Castro, Anna Orlikowska
Places: Seahorse Dockers Primary School (Seahorse Art Centre)

Mohamed Mbwana Omar + Piotr Pauk

In Mnarani district lives and works Mohamed Mbwana Omar, a local shop signs painter. Together with Piotr Pauk and a team of young street artists they realized a mural on Mnarani Primary School’s wall. The mural formally refers to Kenyan shillings design, providing symbolical value to all street artists of the neighborhood.

People: Mohamed Mbwana Omar, Piotr Pauk
Places: Mnarani Primary

Wacu Kihara
+ Emilia Łapko

Wacu Kihara (fashion designer) was working with local tailors to create a new collection with traditional Khanga textiles. In collaboration with Emilia Łapko (fashion photographer) they conducted a series of photo sessions and a final fashion happening in the center of Kilifi.

People: Emilia Łapko, Wacu Kihara
Places: Central Market in Kilifi

Zbigniew Rogalski + Richard Onyango

Richard Onyango, renowned painter, collector of automobiles, and creator of models, together with Polish painter Zbigniew Rogalski and a group of students worked on creation of installation at Pwani Uniwersity. It is made of pedestals covered with images depicting a life story of a couple and artificial human skeleton of male and female, made of recycled materials. Eventually the installation was exhibited in Pwani University, and part of it (male and female skeleton) was presented at Seahorse Art Centre, in a form of a fictious archeological dig.

People: Richard Onyango, Zbigniew Rogalski
Places: Pwani University, Seahorse Art Centre

Mramba Mweni & Saidi Chengo + Łukasz Jastrubczak

Łukasz Jastrubczak worked in collaboration with Mramba Mweni and Saidi Chengo – local activists, the founders of  Seahorse Dockers School. Together with PAINTING/SCULPTURE DUO they curated exhibition in the future space for the school. Pupils realized a mural depicting
a map of Seahorse Village, and modells of buildings to be built in the new school.

People:  Mramba Mweni and Saidi Chengo, Łukasz Jastrubczak
Places: Seahorse Dockers School (Seahorse Art Centre)

Simba Wanga + Anna Nowicka

Simba Wanga is the traditional Giriama dance group from Fumbini village. In collaboration with Anna Nowicka, a Berlin based choreographer, interested in dream stories, they realized a brand new performance based on a story of Mekatilili Wa Menza, a heroine from the Giryama tribe.

People:  Simba Wanga, Anna Nowicka
Places: Chengo Mganga Football Field

Witek Orski + Biko Wesa

Biko Wesa, Kilifi based photographer researched with Witek Orski the production of palm wine (Mnazi), a spirit very popular in the local culture. Photographs were exhibited in a public space of Seahorse Village on a wooden construction. Next to the display artists arranged a semi-official Mnazi bar.

People:  Witek Orski , Biko Wesa
Places: Giriama Paradise

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