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1st edtion of the DUOS Festival “COMMUNITY”
Kilifi, 25-27 of March 2021.

FILM: Zippy Kimundu+Małgorzata Mazur
PAINTING / SCULPTURE : Anna Orlikowska + Castro
STREET ART: Mohamed Mbwana Omar + Piotr Pauk
FASHION DESIGN: Wacu Kihara + Emilia Łapko
INSTALLATION: Zbigniew Rogalski + Richard Onyango
CONTEXTUAL ART: Mramba Mweni & Saidi Chengo + Łukasz Jastrubczak
PERFORMANCE: Simba Wanga + Anna Nowicka
PHOTOGRAPHY: Witek Orski + Biko Wesa

Festival of Art and Education “DUOS”  is the exchange of knowledge and experience between artists from Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland) and Kilifi County (Kenya). Artists work in DUOS in Kilifi and also in collaboration with the local community. Afterwards DUOS expand their projects in Szczecin and present them at National Museum in Szczecin.

The artists meet in DUOS in various disciplines: painting, sculpture, dance, performance, music, design, film, photography, architecture, journalism. DUOS work together in Kilifi for a period of three weeks, developing their projects with students, local youth, and practitioners (craftsmen, musicians , dancers, seamstresses etc). Each DUO has a dedicated space for work – in a local elementary school, Pwani University, the streets and walls of Mnarani district, or the studio of local painter. It is important for us that our activities are accessible for other community members and visible for the bigger public. The three-week cooperation is therefore summed up with three days of presentations of its results as a Festival, which is freely accessible for the local community. 

2nd edition of the DUOS Festival “WOMEN POWER”
Kilifi, 3-4 September 2021.

Animation: Sheila Okanga & Iza Plucińska
Ceramics: Fauzia Aly Khan & Anna Molska
Dance / Body Based Performance: Faith Kwamboka & Marta Ziółek
Installation: Shaila Resia Agha & Aneta Grzeszykowska
Journalism: / Media: Ciro G. & Justyna Machnicka
Multimedia: Linda Shuma & Natalia Szostak
Music / Poetry: Shangazi Masika & Alicja Pilarczyk
Textile Design: Ciro Karimi & Irena Zieniewicz

2021 has been a year to celebrate women and outline their amazing contributions in the world and their communities at large. That’s why, the second edition of the DUOS Festival in Kilifi is dedicated to women empowerment, with Mekatilili wa Menza, the Giriama freedom fighter and heroin of the Mijikenda tribe, as the Patroness.

For the period of three weeks (from 16 August to 6th September) eight female duos from Kenya and Poland: poets, musicians, dancers, photographers, and craftswomen; will work in different places around Kilifi town to develop their projects, exchange knowledge and work together with students and members of local community.

During the festival, we will showcase the heritage of Mekatilili, the essence of sisterhood, and bring to focus women empowerment through art and culture.

The three-week cooperation will be summed up with three days of presentations of its results in the form of studio visits, which is freely accessible for the local community. The Festival will include an open-air cinema, concerts, shows, games and activities for children, in addition to exhibitions, guided tours, and open studios.

The bigger picture:

The experimental fervor of DUOS, their practices and ideas, and the final projects will help the educational team to form a specific methodology in establishing Departments of Arts at Pwani University. How to teach art in local contexts? How to teach contemporary art in respect to local tradition, needs, and market? Art practice can strengthen the local COMMUNITY. It is possible through its means, to imagine and work for a better future, in which human needs, mutual understanding, and joint creation are cherished and celebrated. 

Zorka Wollny & Łukasz Jastrubczak (1st edition)
Zorka Wollny & Ciro G. (2nd edition)

Witek Orski
Ciro G
Marnie Wolfenden
Wiktoria Tundys

photo documentation
Yuda Oriema
Michał Kulik
Witek Orski


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