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Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) Programme

2018 - 2020

RISE stands for “Research and Innovation Staff Exchange” and is part of the Horizon 2020 family of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). RISE provides funding in any scientific field for joint research and innovation projects implemented through exchange of staff and networking between academic, industrial and commercial organisations throughout the world. It helps people develop their knowledge, skills and careers, while building links between organisations working in different sectors of the economy, including universities, research institutes and SMEs.

General objectives:

  • Foster collaborations between academia and industry as a catalyst for innovation;
  • Boost the careeres of researchers through mobility;
  • Encourage excellence in science and new discoveries by working across disciplines;
  • Strengthen European and global partnerships.

All organizations involved in research and innovation activities, academic and non-academic (e.g. SMEs, NGOs, museums, hospitals, etc.) are potential participants. A RISE consortium consists of at least three independent participants in three different countries.

RISE funds exchanges of research staff between academic and non-academic organizations (inter-sectoral secondments) and between EU Member States / Associated Countries and other organizations located in the rest of the world (international secondments). Research staff of any nationality and at any career stage can be seconded, including administrative, managerial or technical roles involved with the scientific tasks of the project.

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