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12 of NOVEMBER 2021 > 16 JANUARY 2022

“Community” and “Women Power” exhibitions in National Museum in Szczecin.

Artists: Zippy Kimundu & Małgorzata Mazur, Castro Osore & Anna Orlikowska, Wacu Kihara & Emilia Łapko, Mohamed Mbwana Omar & Piotr Pauk, Biko Wesa & Witek Orski, Simba Wanga & Anna Nowicka, Richard Onyango & Zbigniew Rogalski; Mramba Mweni, Said Chengo & Łukasz Jastrubczak, Said Luganje Kahindi, Christian Niccoli

Curators: Marlena Chybowska-Butler, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Zorka Wollny 

Cooperation: Ewa Prądzyńska 

Photographs : Robert Stachnik, Michał Wojtarowicz


SECOND DAY OF DUOS FESTIVAL in photos of Yuda Oriema.


FIRST DAY OF DUOS FESTIVAL in photos of Yuda Oriema.


MULTIMEDIA DUO (Linda Shuma & Natalia Szostak) working on their piece. Photos by Yuda Oriema

ANIMATION DUO (Sheila Okanga & Iza Plucińska) conducts workshops for Kids. photos by Yuda Oriema

KIDS SESSION team encourage kids to create their own masks made of natural materials.
TEAM:  Said Luganje (Gendo Arts), Elina Kancara, Joshua Mwendwa (Josh Leeman), Mohamed Mbwana Omar, Said Chengo, Rosita Deluigi
from the initiative of Zuzanna Wollny


The official reception of Duos Festival with all the partners of TPAAE.


CERAMICS : Fauzia Aly Khan & Anna Molska (photos by Yuda Oriema


Festival’s photo journal by Yuda Oriema : meeting of MUSIC / POETRY:
Shangazi Masika & Alicja Pilarczyk duo
realization of the relief at Seahorse Dockers School :
History and legend of Mekatilili Wa Menza was an inspiration for illustration which is made in sgraffito ancient technique. 
TEAM:  Said Luganje (Gendo Arts), Elina Kancara, Joshua Mwendwa (Josh Leeman), Mohamed Mbwana Omar, Said Chengo
from the initiative of Zuzanna Wollny


Festival’s photo journal by Yuda Oriema


Screening of Polish Animations at Tribe Bandas (photos by Tommie Ominde)


Multimedia (Linda Shuma & Natalia Szostak) / meeting with students at Kesho Kenya in Kilifi

Installation (Shaila Resia Agha & Aneta Grzeszykowska) / making of the Mekatilili Wa Menza sculpture at the car workshop in Kilifi


Concert of Alicja Pilarczyk on a boat

Music & Poetry (Shangazi Masika & Alicja Pilarczyk) / meeting with traditional dance ensemble and students from Pwani University


Auditions for Pwani University students to participate in workshop groups of the DUOS.


Visit in the Malindi District Cultural Association dedicated to Mekatilili Wa Menza, our patroness.


Initial meeting of the artists of 2nd edition of DUOS Festival in Tribe Bandas.

25th – 27th of MARCH

DUOS Final projects : Final performance of DANCE DUO (Simba Wanga + Anna Nowicka) at Giriama Paradise (Chengo Mganga Football grounds) + performance of ZAIRE NGOME MSAGA PORE traditional band, about which the FILM DUO (Zippy Kimundu + Małgorzata Mazur) made a documentary film.

DUOS Final projects : STREET ART DUO (Piotr Pauk + Mohamed Mbwena Omar)
Mural at Mnarani Primary

DUOS Final projects : Final exhibition at Seahorse Art Centre by CONTEXTUAL ART DUO (Said Chengo & Mramba Mweni + Łukasz Jastrubczak) and PAINTING/SCULPTURE DUO (Anna Orlikowska + Castro Osore) with additional work from INSTALLATION DUO (Richard Onyango + Zbigniew Rogalski).

illusory mural painted by Castro Osore in collaboration with Łukasz Jastrubczak. Painting represents the landscape that is behind the Pwani University Wall.

“Models of the Future School” and various objects sculpted with clay and recycled materials
by Seahorse Dockers School pupils

“Map of Seahorse Village”
mural painted by Seahorse Dockers School pupils

DUOS Final projects : Exhibition at Giriama Paradise of PHOTOGRAPHY DUO : Biko Wesa + Witek Orski

DUOS Final projects : Exhibition at Pwani University of INSTALLATION DUO : Richard Onyango + Zbigniew Rogalski
“Love & Death”
paintings, artificial human bones made of recycled foam and glue

DUOS Final projects : Fashion Happening in the public space of Kilifi by FASHION DESIGN DUO : Wacu Kihara + Emilia Łapko

DUOS Final projects : Openg Stage for Kilifi young aritsts curated by Pwani University Students at TRIBE BANDAS

24th of MARCH

Starting tomorrow, you can visit all locations and see the DUOS projects. Here is a detailed map of DUOS locations :


20th of MARCH

White Kids Conceptual DUO dug out charcoal from the ground and sold it today for 5 KES (Kenyan Shillings) per 1 unit.

18th of MARCH

Posters finally arrived! Designed by Post-Noviki (photos by Emilia Łapko)

18th of MARCH

FASHION DESIGN DUO (Wacu Kihara + Emilia Łapko) realizes another fashion photo session in Kilifi. (photos by Yuda Oriema)

18th of MARCH

INSTALLATION DUO (Richard Onyango + Zbigniew Rogalski) with assistance of Pwani University students are realizing an installation that combines painted narration and sculpted objects. (photos by Yuda Oriema)

17th of MARCH

At Seahorse Art Centre CONTEXTUAL ART DUO (Łukasz Jastrubczak + Said Chengo & Mramba Mweni) and Kids from Seahorse Dockers Primary are painting the map of Seahorse Village on the perimeter of the school. In the same location Castro Osore from PAINTING/SCULPTURE DUO realizes a trompe l’oeil wall painting. (photos by Yuda Oriema)

16th of MARCH

FILM DUO (Małgorzata Mazur + Zippy Kimundu) are working on a Documentary Film about Fumbini village local band “Zaire Ngome Msaga Pore”, which will be shown at a final event on the 27th of March

15th of MARCH

Children at Seahorse School create models of the futurist school facilities. SEAHORSE ART CENTRE (Said Chengo & Mramba Mweni + Anna Orlikowska + Castro Osore + Łukasz Jastrubczak)
(photos by Anna Orlikowska)

15th of MARCH

DUOS’ work progress : INSTALLATION DUO (Richard Onyango + Zbigniew Rogalski) works at Pwani University, STREET ART DUO (Mohamed Mbwena Omar + Piotr Pauk) paint part of the front perimeter of Mnarani Primary, PERFORMANCE DUO (Simba Wanga + Anna Nowicka) dance at Chengo Mganga Football Field in Seahorse Village. (photos by Michał Kulik)

13th of MARCH

Workshops at Mnarani Primary School of Street Art DUO (Mohamed Mbwena Omar + Piotr Pauk)

12th of MARCH

Workshops at Seahorse Art Centre. Kids create sculptures for a model of their future school.

12th of MARCH

Backstage photos from Fashion Design DUO (Mila Łapko + Wacu Kihara)

11th of March

DUOS working on their projects. Zorka Wollny met with the students involved with organizational tasks. Anna Nowicka + Simba Wanga continue to work on a new performance.
Workshops at Seahorse Art Centre (Łukasz Jastrubczak + Said Chengo & Mramba Mweni / Anna Orlikowska + Castro Osore) in which kids created a map of Seahorse Village.
(photo by Michał Kulik)

9th of MARCH

We conducted the audition for students from Pwani University to select them for participation in the DUOS festival. All DUOS were looking for young talents in the field of painting, photography, film, sculpture, street art, fashion design, performance, and contextual art.
(photo by Michal Kulik)

6th of MARCH

First meeting of DUOS artists (photo by Michal Kulik)

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