Work Package 1 Fieldwork and trainings

Deliverable 1.1

The international research team consisting…

Work Package 4 Project management

Deliverable 4.1

On February 26, 2020, an organizational meeting was held…

Deliverable 4.3

Deliverable 4.3 1st Progress Report Confidential

Deliverable 4.4

Deliverable 4.4 Mid-term meeting Confidential

Deliverable 4.6

Deliverable 4.6 ORDP Data Management Plan

Work Package 5 Popularization of the results

Deliverable 5.1

On April 29, the TPAAE project website…

Deliverable 5.2

On 6th of August 2020 the TPAAE project…

Work Package 6 Ethics requirenments

Deliverable 6.1

Activities taken up within the TPAAE project show respect…

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