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2nd edition : “Women Power”

Sheila Okanga & Iza Plucińska
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The duo aims to realize the animated film about Mekatilili Wa Menza – a Giriama tribe heroine, with the use of many various techniques in sand, plasticine, paper, objects.

Fauzia Aly Khan & Anna Molska
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We met to exchange our skills in ceramics. We have been able to draw inspiration from our cultures where common ceramic work can go. While working and discussing about our work we slowly discovered each others interest and work methods, shared immense skills. Especially Anna Molska has been in Ceramics for a over 16 years and has a wealth of knowledge. 
While working we used almost all ceramic techniques, teaching students, showing them how to make ceramics. We have also demonstrated to the students how to be patient and consistent so that they can build their skills and develop their creativity. Our experience in this Festival has been excellent! We have been able to explore the best way to work with local red clay and porcelain. Develop a “signature line” that can be recognised using these material options together and painting with ceramic pigments. 
We have used hand techniques, wheel throwing, etc. to make a collection of tableware and mugs. Our pieces are inspired by nature and our experiences. Also we created a porcelain mosaic, inspired by ancient patterns from Kenya. Local red clay was used for other elements on the mosaic. These will be installed on the entrance of Seahorse  Primary school. 
As a test of our students’ patience and skills, they have been assigned to work with Seahorse Primary School children to hand build little huts to make a mobile for themselves.

Faith Kwamboka & Marta Ziółek
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Our research is dedicated to Mekatilili wa Menza, the Giriama freedom fighter and heroine of the Mijikenda tribe. We bring together legacy of spirit dances, contemporary club culture from Kilifi (via collaboration with local dj and rappers), and political narrations from young artists from Kenya.

Shaila Resia Agha & Aneta Grzeszykowska

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Ushaha fitswa (Hidden treasure) 
 Mekatilili was a fierce heroine who opposed British colonization and rule. Even in her elderly years she fought for independence of her people and lands. She loved nature and fought for her indigenous religion to be protected, which harboured harmony with the wild and respect for ancient forests. As one of the first true conservationists, activist and renowned sculptor duo Shaila and Aneta propose to honour her spirit of resilience by installing a monumental metallic sculpture in the ocean that will restore the reef and serve as a diving point for ocean lovers. The sculpture will be sunk in November when the weather allows it and the sea is calmer but for now, we shall exhibit the development process, our students’ individual interpretations and the journey that led us to our final piece. 

Ciro G. & Justyna Machnicka

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The team is creating a magaZINE about the women of Kilifi County. They deal with issues such as: menstruation stigma, teenage pregnancy, female oppression, choosing to live a non-stereotypical life.

Linda Shuma & Natalia Szostak
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Linda Shuma and Natalia Szostak will work on a multidisciplinary project with the young girls from Kesho Kenya ( along with a group of students from Pwani University. The process will involve group discussions rooted in female sensitivity, the collection and documentation of personal narratives on female heroes, which will in turn become the foundation for graffiti art serving as painted messages that can further spread female empowerment around Kilifi and the world at large.

Shangazi Masika & Alicja Pilarczyk

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Music and Poetry Duo prepared an opera which touches the subject of women’s strength and independence. The interviews with women of Kilifi which they collected serves as a libretto, in a form of poem. As they worked with Tumaini choir and young musicians from Pwani University in Kilifi, the music layer is a colorful mix of traditional local music and contemporary influences. The performance, once premiered, will be broadcast and available to watch online. 

Ciru Karimi & Irena Zieniewicz

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The project is a fusion of dyeing textiles with natural dyes and printing using screen printing technique. During the realization of the project we cooperated with one of the craftswomen working in the Kilifi district – Mnarani. Thematically in our work we focused on situation of women in Kenya basing on press materials and history of Mekatilili Wa Menza.

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