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The Art Festival DUOS’ anthem “Good Fusion”

The Art Festival DUOS’ anthem “Good Fusion” – produced within international cooperation between Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland and Kenyatta University, Kenya – was written by Prof. John Mugubi and Maciej Sikorski. It reflects joy and mutual gain in transcultural cooperation of art-based research. This conceptual meaning is also expressed in the stylistic form of the song and the video clip, as some verses are in Polish and some in Swahili with subtitles, and the chorus is in English, which broadens the scope of the audience, too.

Music: Maciej Sikorski
Arrangement, production, master: Ślimak
Text: Maciej Sikorski/ John Mugubi
Kameramen: Kacper Matuszak, Paweł Kochański
Montage: Paweł Kochański
Color correction: Wojciech Ochocki
Light master: Leon
Plan support: Mila Grozev

You can find it also in the ZENODO repository operated by CERN, indexed in OpenAire with DOI number: 10.5281/zenodo.4683375

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