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Visiting Kilifi village

Kilifi is situated on the Indian Ocean at the mouth of the small bay of Kilifi Creek. The area is shaped by an ancient coral reef, which is why this uneven limestone is found everywhere on the beach and in the field as well. Even the shoreline is shaped by ancient coral, jagged and uneven. Coral limestone also serves as a building material. Some of the houses are made of brick and some are huts.
In the attached photos there is a village which is entirely made of brick. Some of the population are Muslims, who can be distinguished by their outfits. The other part of the population are Christians of various kinds.
People here are smiling and have a positive attitude towards newcomers.
The animals that you meet are mainly birds. There are no safari animals in Kilifi or the surroundings.
There is no public transport. Most of the time people use motorbikes, called “Bora Bora” in Swahili.
Pwani University, with which we cooperate, is a prestigious institution for the population here.

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