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The exhibition “Niko na Hadithi”

The exhibition will comprise artworks from staff at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin (Poland), together with artworks by staff and students at the School of Creative and Performing Arts, Film, and Media Studies of Kenyatta University (Kenya). It is part of the school project titled Transcultural Perspectives in Art and Art Education (TPAAE).

The Exhibition is titled “Niko na Hadithi” and will be an aesthetic interpretation of artworks, especially those inspired by known artists. The focus is will be on creative photography and video, but exhibits from other art media are welcome.

Installation of the exhibition will be done on Tuesday, 16th March 2021 and Wednesday, 17th March 2021. The launch will be on Thursday, 18th March 2021 and will remain open for about two to three weeks.

Art Curators, Dr. hab. Julia Kureck prof. (AS), Dr. Maciej Osmycki (AS), Dr. Arkadiusz Piętak (AS)

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