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UNIMC team activities

Starting of the secondment at Pwani University

On February 27th 2021, the Italian team from UNIMC started the second period of secondment at Pwani University. The team actively participated in several meetings and workshops related to the implementation of the B.A. in Art Education at Pwani University, as well as meetings with local stakeholders and representatives of public bodies.

Starting of the secondment at Kenyatta University

On March 4th 2021l the UNIMC team moved to Kenyatta University to complete the previous secondment. During their stay, the team had the opportunity to interact with prof. John Mugubi and his team as well as to meet the Deputy VC of KU.

Exploring art in Nairobi

During their stay in Nairobi, UNIMC team visited several art galleries (One Off Contemporary Art Gallery) and individual artist studios (Kuona Art Centre, The Go Down Art Centre, Karen Village, Kivuli Art Centre) creating opportunities for further cooperation within the TPAAE. The encounter with contemporary artists was enriching since many of them are well-known at the national and international levels.

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