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The research mobility of AS to PUC in July 2021

Since July 2021 the team from the Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland) is realizing a set of activities focused on the preparation of the Programmes in Art&Design on Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree Level to be implemented at the Pwani University.

Prof. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz Alcaraz, TPAAE Main Coordinator, and Dr. Grzegorz Skorny, the Chancellor for Administration and Finances at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, have supported the Pwani University team: Prof. Stephen Muoki, TPAAE Regional Cordinator, Dr. Nancy Ngowa, PhD. Candidate Frederick Ndegwa, Dr Elizaneth Munyaya, Martin Haro, Michale Maua in passing programmes through acceptance on subsequent levels: departmental level and school level, implementing the advised changes into documents. The was realized a set of workshops and presentations of the programmes at the board meetings, preparing them for the acceptance by directorates and commissions.

Apart from preparations of the programmes themselves, there were discussed issues of resources, materials, and staff, which are in process of preparation to start teaching at the Pwani University in Art&Design since September 2022.

The staff to be teaching during the first years of running the programmes will be supported by the universities participating in TPAAE Consortium with Pwani University, that is Kenyatta University, the Academy of Art in Szczecin, and University in Macerata. The part of the courses will be taught also by the Pwani University Staff from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and by the professional artists from Kilifi County.

Agenda in July 2021 at Pwani University

  • Monday, 5th of July 5:00 pm – Meeting of the Main Coordinator Prof. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz Alcaraz with the Regional Coordinator Prof. Stephen Muoki.
  • Wednesday, 7th of July 9:00 am – School Board Meeting for the BA programme
  • Thursday, 8th of July 2:00 pm – organizational meeting for the research in July 4:30 – financial meeting between Coordinators
  • Monday, 12th of July 10:00 am – workshop meeting for implementing changes to the BA programme 1:00 pm – Courtesy Call for VC
  • Tuesday, 13th of July 2:00 pm – Department Board Meeting for the Diploma programme
  • Wednesday, 14th of July 2:00 pm – meeting with Alliance Francaise in Mombasa on the possibility of supporting art education at the Pwani University and the sustainability of the art festival after the TPAAE project’s end
  • Friday, 16th of July 2:00 pm – workshop meeting on resources and staff for both programmes
  • Monday, 19th of July 9:00 am – School Board meeting for the Diploma programme 1:00 pm – meeting with professional artist in Malindi on possibility to support staff at the Pwani University for art education,
  • Friday, 23rd of July 10:00 am – workshop meeting on resources and staff for both programmes
  • Tuesday, 27th of July 2:00 pm – workshop meeting for implementing changes to the Diploma programme
  • Friday, 30th of July 10:00 am – workshop meeting on library resources
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