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Transcultural character of clan identity – between Slovian and East African cultures

Prof. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz Alcaraz from Academy of Art in Szczecin and Dr. Priscilla Gitonga from Kenyatta University has started the research on “Transcultural character of clan identity – between Slovian and East African cultures”, with a case study on women’s body postures in gymnastics and rituals.
To date, this has resulted in a joint presentation during The International Interdisciplinary Conference “Our Everyday Identity” held in London, 12–13 December 2020 (organized by the Institute of European Culture and the Department of Social Sciences of the Polish University Abroad in London with cooperation of
the Institute of Painting and Artistic Education of the Pedagogical University of the National Commission in Cracow).
The Belarusian ethnographer Kiryll Shelingovsky, investigating the transcultural presence of postures in women’s practices with positive influence on their health, also joined the research team.
Now, the research is being conducted through library queries, field research, and discussions. The preparation of the paper to be published is for the year 2022.


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