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Unimc – workshops for Kids Session

From August 16th till August 21st prof. Flavia Stara, Rosita Deluigi, Giuseppe Capriotti and dr. Francesco Rocchetti, along with artists Osore Castro Mohammed and Simon Katumba, with the assistance of Elizabeth Aruba and Pwani students, carried out several workshops in preparation of the Kids Session within the second edition of the DUOS Festival.
The entire team, along with teachers/educators, worked in 3 different locations – Kilifi Junior Primary School, Ocean of Wonders Primary School, and Upendo Orphans Support Project – with the total participation of about 130 kids.
All artistic activities focused on the research theme “Women Empowerment”.
With painter Castro, kids had the opportunity to exercise their pictorial skills by representing individual or group perspectives on contemporary women’s challenges and expectations. The workshop with the sculptor Simon Katumba facilitated kids in experiencing the use of natural material to create mosaics portraying female social dimensions.
At the end of each session kids had also the opportunity to share with the entire team their impressions, comments, and desires. This interaction was particularly fruitful for girls who spoke out freely about their future projects.

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