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UNIMC Leads Kids Session Workshops in Kilifi Schools

For five days in August 2021, TPAAE researchers from L’Università di Macerata (UNIMC) interacted with educators and students in Kilifi as part of demonstrations and workshops related to the DUOS Festival Kids Session on the theme of “Women Empowerment”. Professors Flavia Stara, Rosita Deluigi, Giuseppe Capriotti, and Dr. Francesco Rocchetti comprised the UNIMC team. Members worked with local artists Castro Khwale and Simon Katumba in producing events held at several schools in Kilifi.  

Elizabeth Aruba led a group of students from Pwani University that participated, as well. Aruba’s Third Hand initiative promotes literacy and retention among schoolgirls in Kilifi County and her AfriFabric clothing and accessories company aims to provide skills to area women. 

The team addressed about 280 children on visits to the Kilimo Primary School, the Nazarene Bright Junior Academy, and the Nyota Ya Asubuhi – Koinonia association.. 

Khwale, a painter, helped Kilimo Schools students to brainstorm and produce images about gender roles and social commitments. Some of the images were selected to be printed as stickers to be distributed during the two-day DUOS Festival. At Nazarene Bright Junior Academy, students from different grades worked with sculptor Katumba to create mosaics and illustrations. 

The UNIMC team interacted with educators at Nyota Ya Asubuhi – Koinonia, a non-profit devoted to supporting disadvantaged kids and families living in the Ngala and Mtondia districts, remote areas in Kilifi County  dominated by a large stone quarry. Their actions focused on the “edutainment learning approach” to facilitate artistic literacy. Despite the low level of school attendance, all kids and teens engaged with enthusiasm in the workshop. 


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