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Meeting at Camerapix in Nairobi

On August 27th, 2021 the TPAAE representative from the National Museum in Szczecin, curator Marlena Chybowska-Butler, had the pleasure and honor to meet two outstanding individuals in the Kenyan business and art scene.
Mutuma Marangu is a leading collector of Kenyan stone and rock sculpture art. This far-sighted Kenyan businessman owns countless masterpieces by such major Kisii soapstone sculptors as Elkana Ong’esa, Gerald Motondi, Duke Kombo, Peter Kenyanya, and Robin Mbera. His declared mission as a collector is to disrupt the Kenyan art and culture space. He is effecting change by opening Kenyan sculptors to a wider variety of materials and methods, and by using technology to transform exhibition of physical works in digital space; all with the goal of attracting a wider audience in Kenya and worldwide.
The meeting took place at Salim Amin’s studio. Salim is the son of renowned photojournalist Mohamed “Mo” Amin, who is expanding his late father’s image and film archive through the Nairobi-based Camerapix Agency and preserving his legacy through the Mo Amin Foundation. Together, Salim oversees some three million images captured by his father, providing news agencies with pictures and film over everything from wildlife to regime change in Africa and Middle East. Under the foundation’s auspices, Salim intends to create a multi-media curriculum for Africa’s 50,000 elementary schools centered on the political histories of African countries in the post-Colonial period, which his father documented in photographs and on films.
Our meeting took place during the preparation of a short film about The Mutuma Marangu Art and Sculpture Collection [TMMSAC], whose resident artists are included in the Kenya House 2020 virtual exhibition that is being created by the Kenyan Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage. This exhibition is intended to showcase the country’s talent across a range of disciplines, including Contemporary Art and artistic creation. We discussed the ways and means of extending cooperation among TPAAE project partners and their respective organizations, including the hosting of virtual exhibition of Kenyan artists works in Szczecin.

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