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Artists from Kenya visiting Szczecin

A month of solidarity and empowerment begins today with the arrival of 11 artists from Kenya, who will work with counterparts from Poland on an exhibition that opens in November at the National Museum in Szczecin (NMS).
To make it happen, the NMS is hosting artists, activists and curators from Kenya for a month-long stay. They include: Shaila Resia Agha, Gendo, Suvena Hinzano, Wacu Kihara, Joyce Kinyanjui, Castro O. Khwale, Shangazi Masika, Fauzia Aly Khan, Linda Mariwa Shuma, Mohamed M. Omar and Biko Wesa. They will work with Polish artists to create works around the exhibition’s twin themes: ‘Community’ and ‘Women Power’.
The visiting artists will learn first-hand about culture, the city of Szczecin, and its art scene as they prepare for the show, which runs through mid-January. Audiences in Szczecin will see documentation and works realized in the coastal Kenyan town of Kilifi earlier this year. They also will see new works, including murals or performances, made with the help of professors and students at the Art Academy in Szczecin.
Workshops, meetings and presentations are planned as well. Stay tuned for further details.

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