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Università di Macerata Researchers in Kajiado

Researchers from the Università di Macerata (UNIMC) travelled to Kenya to carry out specific actions within TPAAE during their Winter 2022 secondment. The team included Prof. Flavia Stara, Prof. Rosita Deluigi, Prof. Giuseppe Capriotti and Prof. Marco Manca.

Part 1 of 3

UNIMC researchers began their visit by meeting with Prof. John Mugubi and members of the TPAAE team at Kenyatta University for a briefing on the project process.

Next, the Italian researchers conducted a two-day workshop in the town of Kajiado to promote art education. Located 80 km south of Nairobi, Kajaido is home to members of the Maasai tribe. The Soroptimist International Club Milimani/Nairobi, an affiliate of the international organization dedicated to female empowerment through education, facilitated the contact with the Kajiado Adventist Education and Rehabilitation Centre .

The center provides a home and education to Masai children who suffer from female genital mutilation and have escaped child marriages. Currently, the centre educates 286 students, 51 of which are boys, from pre-primary to secondary levels. The Maasai communities love of arts and crafts made the centre an ideal candidate for TPAAE instructors from Macerata.

Anne Mwiti of KU joined the UNIMC team, helping to organize and execute workshops on drawing and pictorial skills that enhances training in art languages. The actions were well received by students, who enthusiastically elaborated abstract concepts through their paintings.

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