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Actions in Nairobi/ 1

The UNIMC team (proff. Stara, Deluigi, Capriotti and dr. Manca) travelled to Nairobi to carry on specific actions within the TPAAE. At first the Italian researchers met prof. John Mugubi and the Kenyatta University TPAAE staff members for a briefing on the project process.
Next the Italian team put into actions a two-day work in promoting art education in the town of Kajiado, located at 80km south of Nairobi, predominantly dwelled by Maasai tribes.
The activities were executed in cooperation with the Soroptimist International Club Milimani/Nairobi whose president Mrs.Rose Owuor facilitated the contact with the Kajiado Adventist School Rescue Center. The Kajiado Center provides home and education to Masai girls who suffered or escaped from FGM and child marriages. Currently, the School has 286 students from Pre-Primary level of education up to Secondary School: out of the 286 students, 235 are girls, the remaining 51 are boys. Apart from the fact that the said center is engaged on crucial socio-cultural issues, preference was given to it because the Maasai communities are gifted in and love Arts and Crafts.
The Italian team was also joined by Mrs. Anne Mwiti/ Kenyatta University to organize and perform two workshops on drawing and pictorial skills so to enhance student’s training in art languages. The actions were well received by the students, who enthusiastically produced various outcomes having also the opportunity to elaborate abstract conceptualizations through their paintings.

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