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Actions in Nairobi /3

The UNIMC team (proff. Stara, Deluigi, Capriotti and dr. Manca) paid a visit to Technical University of Mombasa, which recently joined partnership in the TPAAE. The Italian team participated in an official meeting called by Dr. Wanyenda Chilimo, TPAAE local coordinator, which was attended also by several TUM faculty members involved in the project. The Italian team was also received, on a courtesy call, by prof. Peter Chichangi Deputy VC at TUM, in charge of Academics research and Extension. The visit allowed the two partners to discuss the scheduling of incoming project actions, especially in reference to the planning of the third edition of the Festival and the relative session of the Kid Festival, as well as to explore areas of disciplinary competence that could favor future research agreements between TUM and UNIMC.
While in Mombasa, the Italian team visited Swahilipot Hub Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas and art through networking, technical training, support, professional mentoring and coaching. the UNIMC team had a briefing with responsible staff members of Swahilipot confirming the mutual interest in future cooperation on the organization of socio-educational actions aimed at the Mombasa community.

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