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Actions in Nairobi/ 2

The UNIMC team (proff. Stara, Deluigi, Capriotti and dr. Manca) continued to organize workshops on art education both at Alfajiri/Daily Care and Rescue Center and Kivuli Center, with the participation of local and foreign artists: Mudibo and Daniel / Kivuli Center, Olivia Pendergast / Nairobi and John Wiercioch / Virginia-USA. The actions, aimed at young people hosted and residing in the two centers, offered further opportunities for in-depth exploration of graphic-pictorial techniques within intercultural and international dialogue. The working topic was the concept of dwelling urban spaces. The sessions carried out also offered to the Italian team the opportunity to present the TPAAE project to new interlocutors, receiving enriching feedbacks on theories and methodologies.
Subsequently, proff. Stara and Deluigi conducted a focus group at the association Salama Community Center which was attended by twenty single mothers from the Kibera slum, discussing issues related to women empowerment as well educational processes leading to social awareness.
Furthermore, proff. Stara and Deluigi attended, at the Kenya Cultural Centre, the First Performing Art Conference (February 22-24th) which focused on: Decolonization, Intercultural Collaboration and Social Disruption. The Conference theme offered a wide interpretation of issues around the performing arts from historical point to contemporary world including analytical, ideological and practical perspectives. The attendance to the event allowed to network on TPAAE among academics and stakeholders.

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