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Pwani University Team Activities 2

On 20th April 2022, the Pwani University TPAAE and Erasmus KA-107 team (Stephen Muoki Joshua, Nancy Ngowa, Michael Maua, Fredrick Ndegwa, and Florence Mtuweta) visited casa 18. The objective was to deliver the seminar and interact with casa 18 guests. The visit started with a tour of the facility. After that, opening dialogue and discussion on the “Casa18 experience between educational approaches and plural belonging,” the coordinators and social workers brought to the fore the experience of social cooperation of Lella, which can be traced back to 2001, for the last twenty years the cooperation has worked for the fight against youth social hardship, hospitality and education in collaboration with all local services.

The main speech entitled “Religious affiliations and spiritual values: reflections on subjective and community identities” was delivered by Prof. Stephen Muoki Joshua. Prof. Rosita Deluigi from the University of Macerata (UNMC) was the chair and moderator of the seminar. The climax of the visit was the social interaction, whereby different nationalities had dinner together, exchanging diverse ideas on multicultural coexistence.

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