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Prof. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz at the Pwani University

Prof. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz, the TPAAE Main Coordinator realizing curricula development meetings at the Pwani University officially handed books on contemporary art published by ThamesHudson Ltd. over to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Extension Prof. Muniru Tsanuo, who passed them to the representative of the Head of the Library Department Moses Isutsa.
The books donated by the project will start the collection of book on art at the Pwani University Library serving for students of Art&Design courses that are to start September 2022.
Prof. Lukaszewicz also handed over the ‘MEKAZINE’ the magazine dedicated to women empowerment with all the texts written by the Pwani University students during the second edition of the DUOS Festival that took place in September 2021 in Kilifi. The ‘MEKAZINE’ was also exhibited in the National Museum in Szczecin, Poland since 12th of November 2021 till 16th of January 2022.
Sharpness of observation, deep sensibility and writing skills of students were recognized also by the TPAAE Regional Coordinator and the Director of Board of Undergraduate Studies at the Pwani University Prof. Stephen Muoki who will support journalistic passion in students.

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