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Photography Workshops and Exhibitions at Kenyatta University

Workshops in Creative Photography by Prof. Miroslawa Jarmolowicz with support by Dr. Grzegorz Skorny at Kenyatta University and exhibition of student works by ILCC Fine Art Gallery 14th – 16th of September 2022

On September 14, 2022, Prof. Miroslawa Jarmolowicz from Academy of Art in Szczecin started workshops in Creative Photography with 40 Kenyatta University students. The workshops began with a lecture on: “Differences between documentary and creative photography, or how to consciously arrange light and shadow in photography”.

Prof. Jarmolowicz presented a short outline of the basics of photography and types of photography based on her own works realized during the last 10 years of her artistic work. The key principles governing photography, such as composition, light, and the golden ratio, were also presented. The lecturer put particular emphasis on the creative layer in photography aimed at searching for one’s own style, considering the simplest means of expression that can be used during the photographer’s work, in this case conscious management of light and shadow. The lecture was received with great interest, as it was richly supported by examples of photos with numerous comments.

After the break, the practical part of the workshops started. Prof. Jarmolowicz, assisted by Dr. Grzegorz Skorny, presented artifacts that were specially prepared for these workshops in the form of geometric patterns that could be projected on figures, and tiles with colored foils stuck to them. The students indicated that for the first time in their photographic experience they encountered such a distant interpretation of reality with possibility to have a direct influence on the final version of the photographic image. Throughout the first day, the lecturers supported the students with their experience, directing the undertaken activities towards independent, conscious management of the model, light and shadow. After many hours of work, the first day of workshops was completed.

On the second day of the workshop, the work done on the previous day was analyzed together with the students, and the individual works were discussed. Then the students started taking photos with the given topic more consciously. At the end of the workshop, Prof. Jarmolowicz and Dr. Skorny selected 20 works for printing and 40 works to be shown on television screen during the exhibition.

On September 16, 2022, at the ILCC Fine Art Gallery the opening of the exhibition of works by Kenyatta University students created during photo workshops conducted by Prof. Jarmolowicz and Dr. Skorny took place. While discussing their works, the students agreed that the presented scope is very inspiring for them and encourages them to pursue their own artistic search. Professors from the School of Creative and Performing Arts, Film and Media Studies from Kenyatta University: Prof. John Mugubi, Adon Ombura, Anne Mwiti and others present at the opening expressed the opinion that the subject of the workshops was innovative for them, too.

We would like to emphasize with satisfaction that despite the short duration of the workshops, the student works were of a high standard, and the students will take up new artistic challenges with greater awareness and courage in the future.

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