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UNIMC team in Kilifi and Mombasa in preparation of 3d Edition of Kid Session

The UNIMC research team (proff. Flavia Stara, Rosita Deluigi and Dr. Miriam Cuccu) carried out from February 9th till March 7th, 2023 the secondment to Pwani University.The Italian team briefed Pwani colleagues on project actions in progress as well on the organization of the third edition of the Kid Session within the Duos Festival on the theme Social Ecology. The UNIMC team organized and conducted the Kid Session in cooperation with Nyota Ya Asubuhi /Koinonia and Swahilipot Hub Foundation in Mombasa. Several workshops took place both in Kilifi and Mombasa, involving children and teenagers who researched on the target topic by exploring natural and social environment and using different artistic languages: photography, video, painting, body expressions. All educational experiences were well received with production of creative outcomes. Furthermore, a video/documentary shot by the kids in Kilifi was edited by Swahilipot Hub and showcased during the two days of the Duos Festival.During the mobility, Proff. Stara and Deluigi officially participated in the 10th Graduation Cerimony at Pwani University in which academic authorities praised the importance of the international partnership within TPAAE Project.

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