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We invite you to read the publication within TPAAE project by Aleksandra Lukaszewicz “The Artworld vs Art”

We invite you to read the publication within TPAAE project by Aleksandra Lukaszewicz, “The Artworld vs Art” published in “Roczniki Kulturoznawcze” Vol. XIII, no 4, 2022, pp. 119-129.


The presented statement is part of the volume covering a variety of responses from people who interact with art in different ways. The aim is to suggest to the participant of the contemporary world a new, personal perspective, to rethink what is this area of our world that we label with art; thoughts with and without theoretical suggestions – reflections by the creators and reflections by the audience, teaching humility and uniqueness, perhaps – forming a fresh perspective on art.

Reflecting on the commodification of art and the economic character of a large part of the artworld – from one side, and from the other – I address the performative turn in art in the 20th century, mentioning current examples from the field of art, such as Sokołowsko Laboratorium Kultury and Gropius Granary. This difference I view in transcultural perspective, conscious of the historical and cultural character of the modernist understanding of art as pure, for art’s sake. The theoretical analysis I support with the results of my research from past years on contemporary art of non-European cultures, recently on East African art and culture within the TPAAE project.

The article is accessible on the journal site:

and in online repository ZENODO, indexed OpenAire:

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