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Art and Design at the Pwani University

Three researchers in the field of Art and Design Education in Transcultural Perspective from Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland are now realizing their mobility to Pwani University. Their main goal is to support and to revise the implementation of the Art and Design courses on Diploma and Bachelor Degree levels, which were started in September 2023.

The implementation of these courses is one of the main objectives of the TPAAE project in the research line of Art Education; its importance cannot be overestimated. These are the first courses in the field of Art and Design on the University level on the Kenyan coast. They are also one of only a few courses of this kind offered in Kenya. Apart from extensive art education in various fields offered at the Kenyatta University (Fine Arts, Film and Media Studies, Fashion and Design, Dance and Music) – the partner in the TPAAE Consortium that supported the development of curriculums for Pwani University – there is not much but Design offered by Nairobi University, excluding private art institutes. 

Curriculums developed for Pwani University are the result of joint work by various researchers from Poland, Italy, and Kenya, who together tried to respond to current needs in the field of art education in Kenya, considering the cultural context as well as international and intercontinental connections alongside mutual influences. 

This is reflected in the structure of the curriculums, focused on increasing: artists, creative workers in creative industries, and art teachers for primary and secondary schools. Such a graduate profile reflects the current situation in the Kenyan educational system, supporting the return of art education to primary and secondary schools, and leading to the need for teachers. It is also relevant to the technical and media development of Kenya, requiring media specialists, graphic designers, photographers, and other creatives.

The implementation of courses in Art and Design at Pwani University realizes also the strategy of Pwani University development.

The current mobility of researchers from Academy of Art (specialists in painting, ceramics, graphics, and photography) is aimed at supporting the contracted lecturers at Pwani University, conducting shadow lecturing and workshops. 

Prof. Lukasz Skapski, PhD Candidate Patryk Grygierczyk, and MA Anna Molska are  also conducting advanced artistic research, the results of which will be presented at exhibitions both home and abroad. The first of the exhibitions will be held on the 30th of December, 2023, at the Pwani University Gallery in PU, Kilifi.

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