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Inauguration Ceremony for the Bachelor of Art & Design and Diploma in Art & Design at the Pwani University

TPAAE reached its milestone of revision of the implementation of the courses in Art and Design on Diploma and BA level at the Pwani University in Kilifi.

The curriculums are based on the African and Kenyan traditional and contemporary art and culture opening up the Global North art history and international art market.

The graduates will fit creative industries and media, for art education in primary and secondary schools and for becoming fine artists.

Despite many challenges in the beginning there is support from the university’s authorities for the development of the programmes, so we look into the future with hope.

On the 2nd of March 2024, there was held an official inauguration of the BAD and DAD courses, with the presence of the Pwani University and Kenyatta University representatives, lecturers, students, and international – Polish and Italian – researchers. The agenda of the meeting contained official thanks but also sincere sharing with students, staff, and the Pwani University administration.

Photo credits: Bonie Mbogo from Chariot Creations.

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