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Exploring artist’s studios between Nairobi, Thika, Lamu, Kisii and Tabaka

During the secondment, which took place from February 12th to March 13th, 2024, the Italian team of the TPAAE explored the vibrant art scene in Kenya, conducting research on some of the mainstream Kenyan artists and visiting their studios. Peter Ngugi, based in Thika, is researching local wedding rituals, still using kangas (the traditional Swahili fabrics). At Kuona Art Trust in Nairobi (an artists’ collective), Fred Abuga explores many aspects of Kenyan life, both coastal and urban, with his peculiar brushstrokes. Mudibo, in Nairobi’s Kivuli centre, animates a lively workshop of painters and carvers. At the GoDown Art Collective in Nairobi, Yegonizer and Michael Soy are producing new amazing series based on Kenyan social life. Patrick Mubabi, a well-known painter now based at T-Mall in Nairobi, is still working on his archetypical Kenyan women. Shitanda, based in Nairobi, is the protagonist of a solo exhibition at Peponi Resort in Lamu. Pioneer Elkana Ongesa and his pupil Peter Kenyanya work between Kisii and Tabaka, running the museum and two sculpture gardens.

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