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2nd Progress Report

Deliverable 4.5

In 2020 and 2021 from AASZ, NMS, UNIMC to Kenya to all partner institutions: PUC, KU, BtB; in 2020 from KU to AASZ; in 2021 from PUC to AASZ, from BtB to NMS, and from KU to UNIMC. In 2022 there were realized mobilities from NMS and UNIMC to PUC and KU, and from PUC to UNIMC in the first part of the year; in the second part in the fall, mobilities from AASZ to PUC and KU, and from PUC, KU, and TUM to AASZ and UNIMC. At the beginning of the year 2023 there was first realized a set of mobilities to TUM, PUC, and KU from AASZ and UNIMC, and later PUC travelled to AASZ. In June there is an upcoming mobility for TUM team visiting NMS, and KU team seconded to AASZ.  

Some of the secondments planned for the year 2022 were moved to the year 2023, so that some work planned within work packages WP1 – Fieldworks and trainings, and WP3 – Artistic research and development was also moved by the decision of the Project Board to the year 2023 (however, not resulting in delay to submitting deliverables.)   


The delay in mobilities related to the development of the courses in Art and Design at Pwani University (PUC) in Kilifi, Kenya. This was decided because of the delay in implementing courses by PUC. Reasons for this delay included lengthy procedures for acceptance of new educational programmes in Kenya, the 2022   

Kenyan presidential election, lack of funding for the infrastructure needed for the courses, and novelty of the topic for academics at PUC. Programmes were prepared, and the Deliverables D1.1 Local contexts and international requirements in teaching art and culture – between Africa and Europe and D1.2 Curriculums in Fine Arts, Design, and Culture at PUC on Diploma and Undergraduate level were submitted on time, but the implementation of the programmes is lagging, resulting in the delay of achieving a milestone M2 Revision of implementation of diploma and undergraduate programmes in Fine Arts and Design at PUC which was planned for June 2023 (40th month of the project). The current projected date to achieve this milestone is February 2024 (48th month of the project), though the achievement of this milestone does not depend solely on beneficiary institutions and is now predominantly on the partner institution in the Third Country.  

The delay in mobilities was caused also by rescheduling of the third edition of the DUOS art festival from September 2022 to February 2023, which was due to uncertainty about the social situation in Kenya following the presidential election. Considering the potential risk of riots, the Project Board decided to move the realization of the third edition of the DUOS art festival “Social ecology” to February 2023. 

Deliverable 4.5 2nd Progress Report

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