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Last UNIMC secondment to Pwani/Kilifi

The last mobility of the UNIMC research unit towards Kenya took place from 18 to 27 May 2024 (prof. Flavia Stara), at Pwani University and the Kilifi area. During the stay, were organized meetings with colleagues from Pwani University to evaluate and plan next academic year educational timing and actions to support both the Bachelor and Diploma Curricula in Art Education, recently established at Pwani University. These professional collaborative efforts will enrich students’ learning and deepen the scholarly activities.  Furthermore, a round table and a workshop were realized with the Nyota ya Asubuhi/Koinonia Community association in which stakeholders with expertise in social work, law and financing also participated, on the topics: Educational Opportunities for teen agers and women. Challenges and social advancement on women empowerment. The Unimc team will work on the sustainability of actions for advocacy, counselling, and education in the Kenyan social contexts with which already interacted.

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