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Rosita Deluigi

Rosita Deluigi
PdD, associate professor in Education
Department of Education, Cultural Heritage, and Tourism – University of Macerata – Italy

She teaches General, Community, and Intercultural Education, and her research fields are:

  • Intercultural dialogue – challenges and opportunities in plural and heterogeneous contexts; educational processes and practices with foreign minors (second generations and unaccompanied minors); social participation paths.
  • Aging, intergenerational dialogue, and home care – longevity and active aging processes; intergenerational projects with kids and the elderly; promoting the quality of life of frail elderly people; long term assistance, home care and migrant careworkers (“badanti”).
  • Interdisciplinary design of educational services for kids (0-6 years) – development of inclusive policies at the interinstitutional level (politics, university, educational services. and territory); promotion of the educational community and of the alliance between educators, the local context, and families.
  • Training of professional educators and team work – acquisition of soft skills; development of cooperative dynamics and co-design paths; experimentation of storytelling on social work.

She is involved, as a member of the research group or as a regional coordinator, in several European projects (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016 and H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019) and she is the scientific supervisor of various national and local projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Labor, and Social Solidarity.

Action-research and socio-cultural animation are the theoretical and methodological background in all her fields of research. Furthermore, she prefers an interactive approach with multiple languages to implement participatory projects and to carry out interventions in the fields on which the research lines mentioned above are based. For several years now, her international work experience has allowed her to cooperate with different European countries and with various regions of Russia, China, Africa, and India.

Her most recent publications include:

Deluigi, R. (2018), Contexts of Visual Culture: Dialogue between Teenage Identities and Urban Spaces in Visuality from Intercultural Perspectives, in: M. Fleming and A. Lukaszewicz Alcaraz (eds), Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Science, London, Puno Press, 92-111.

Deluigi, R. (2018), The Traces of Journeys and Migrants’ Perspectives: The Knots of Memory and the Unravelled Plans, in G. Proglio and L. Odasso (eds), Border Lampedusa. Subjectivity, Visibility, and Memory in Stories of Sea and Land, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 13-31.

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