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Kenyatta University

Martin Kai Haro

Martin Kai Haro is a Statistician by profession. He has six (6) years of experience in administration having worked as an Administrative Assistant at Pwani University since 2014 to date. Currently he serves at the Directorate of Quality Assurance where he monitors compliance to quality assurance standards by the relevant stakeholders. He organizes and documents quality assurance activities such as internal and external ISO audits. As a certified ISO 9001:2015 auditor, he conducts internal quality audits. In addition, he conducts research, analysis of statistical data, and preparation of reports on quality assurance activities.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Applied Statistics with Computing from Maasai Mara University, Kenya and is currently doing his masters research project in Master of Science in Applied Statistics at the Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya.

Martin has received training in research, leadership, and management. He was awarded an International Certificate on Change Management after successfully participating in a course run by a collaboration between Pwani University and NUFFIC in a research project entitled NICHE/KENYA. In addition, Martin is well skilled in curriculum development, proposal writing, research methods, and quality assurance. He is currently putting these skills to use in various international research projects namely: Transcultural Perspective on Art and Art Education (TPAAE) and Chama cha Ukuzajiwa Kiswahili Duniani (CHAUKIDU).

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