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Pwani University

Tsawe-Munga Chidongo

Dr. Tsawe-Munga Chidongo PhD – I am a fulltime senior lecturer in African religious studies at Pwani University, specialised on Inter-faith dialogue with emphasis on African Religious Heritage in relation with global religions. I hold a PhD from the University of Birmingham UK, and MA from the University of Wales in Lampeter, UK. My area of research is on dialogue between an African religious world view and the Western world, concerning issues that affect human society; poverty, poor governance and democracy, human trafficking, cultural heritage (traditional governance, customary laws, traditional healing systems), and globalization. I have engaged in research activities with different organisations and institutions of higher learning, such as: University of Kumamoto in Japan (School of Humanities and social sciences), Oxford University (African Studies Centre) KTI (USAID), MADCA, PURB. I qualified to join the TICASS research team due to my diverse knowledge in African Cultural Heritage.


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