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Pwani University

Nancy Ngowa

Dr. Wanyenda Chilimo

Researcher and a practicing librarian

Dr. Wanyenda Chilimo is a researcher and a practicing librarian with over 20-year experience in managing university libraries, doing research, publishing, teaching, supervising and examining graduate students research projects.

Dr. Chilimo acquired her PhD degree in the field of Information Science from the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa and is currently working as the Director of Libraries at Technical University of Mombasa. Dr. Chilimo research interests include archival studies, open science scholarship, cultural heritage and the role of museums and libraries in promoting contemporary art.

Dr. Chilimo has authored a number of articles on her research areas. She has also been involved in a number of national and international academic research projects in: Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. In particular she is currently the Principal Investigator in a research project that seek to preserve and digitise endangered archival materials with cultural and historical importance in Mombasa Kenya. The project is funded by the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library

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