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Castro Osore and Anna Orlikowska DUO worked in collaboration with CONTEXTUAL ART DUO. Both DUOS curated an exhibition in the new facilities of Seahorse Dockers School, a grass root initiative of Said Chengo and Mramba Mweni. In this temporary Seahorse Art Centre, Anna Orlikowska realized workshops with Seahorse School pupils, who created various objects with clay, cardboard and recycled materials.
Castro Osore realized a mural embeded in the local context. Mural is an illusory painting representing a landscape that is situated behind the school’s wall. This land, now occupied by Pwani University, used to belong to Giriama tribe.

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People: Castro, Anna Orlikowska
Places: Seahorse Dockers Primary School

Anna Orlikowska

Anna Orlikowska is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Her work spans diverse media, including videos, spatial arrangements, or photography. Orlikowska in an observer of the unnoticeable, the minor phenomena which art usually tends to overlook by treating them as all too common. The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad; also, she is a recipient of a number of art fellowships (Młoda Polska, fellowship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage), and winner of honorary mention in Spojrzenia 2005 competition. Currently a lecturer at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin. Recently, her works were shown at such exhibitions as Zooestetyka. Zwierzęta w sztuce, The National Museum in Szczecin (2019), Różnica i powtórzenie, Museum of Art in Łódź (2017), Optical Illusion of the Body, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2017)


Osore Castro Mohammed Khwale was born in Kakamega county, Kenya. He became interested in art at the age of 8, drawing comic sketches with pen and ink. His older brother, a graphic designer, has helped him a lot through his artistic journey. Although very talented with sketching, painting is where he belongs and he loves it passionately.
Now living in Kilifi county, Castro has a small art studio in Kilifi Town next to the main supermarket. There he paints portraits, abstracts, murals, and has even started dabbling in sculpture. “Art has no limits”. His goal is to be able to own his own larger studio closer to his home in Mtwapa.

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