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Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland

The Academy of Art in Szczecin is a public university in Poland, founded on September 1, 2010, offering education in various art disciplines. The university curriculum includes visual arts, design, and music, with programmes offered in many different art disciplines:

  • Interior design and virtual space
  • Painting
  • Graphics
  • Design
  • New media
  • Artistic musical education
  • Instrumental studies
  • Vocal performance

Academy of Art in Szczecin is a young and modern university. Our best assets are our staff and facilities. Our teachers are artists and theoreticians who win awards, give concerts, and exhibit their works of art around the world. They also represent the creative industry. The students of the Academy enjoy the most modern, well-equipped laboratories, studios, and classrooms.

We are introducing our graduates to the labour market, cooperating with the creative industry throughout Poland. Our graduates are successful graphic designers, artists exhibiting among the best galleries, musicians playing in orchestras across Europe, soloists employed by the best stages, designers supporting local business, and more.

Academy of Art in Szczecin is also a thriving cultural institution – we organize a few hundred cultural events every year, such as concerts, exhibitions, and festivals.

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