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Tommie Ominde

 (b. 1996), based in Kilifi, Kenya
My artistic practice is one that is fueled by my love for observation. I am particularly inspired by the manner in which we human beings occupy space, in particular, our relationship with the natural and built environment. My protagonist is often nature itself or people doing ordinary activities.

Igor Omulecki

Igor Omulecki (b. 1973 in Łódź) is a visual artist, photographer, and educator, lives in Warsaw. His artistic stance was influenced by the Łódź post avant-garde scene; he bore witness to the most significant events in the Polish conceptual art that were taking place in Łódź in the 1980s and 1990s. He studied at the Cinematography and Photography Department at the Łódź Film School. Recipient of fellowships from the Minister of Culture and the City of Warsaw. Awarded numerous prizes and honours, including the IPA Award, PMH, ExhibitA, Photolucida Critical Mass, Cannes Lions, and Europe’s Premier Creative Award. His highly diverse creative output has, in recent years, been focused primarily on visual perception and forms of visual representation. Omulecki’s oeuvre also includes hundreds of press credits and a number of exhibitions. His work has been exhibited in a variety of prestigious venues, including the Barbican in London, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, the Matadero in Madrid, MAC Santiagio de Chile,  MOCA in Warsaw.

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