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As part of the third edition of the Duos Festival, Rafał Żarski with Joseph Allan Green, students from the Technical University of Mombasa (Bravian Niukenya, Jack Muyuka, Emmanuel Nelson) and local artists (Maryan Suleiman, Saidali Bashir, Mohammad Mwaruwa, Aqlila Alwy), produced a series of murals on walls at Alliance Francaise de Mombasa, and large-format paintings on canvases that are about contemporary issues such as social inequality, global warming or environmental pollution, which are consequences of irresponsible economic policies and unsustainable growth and capital distribution. Aesthetically, the paintings draw on the symbolism and traditions of Swahili culture, as well as contemporary graffiti and comic book culture.

Joseph Allan Green

Mr Green is a Kenyan Artist born in the coastal area of Kengeleni, Mombasa. Before hé was ten he had already picked up the Artistic inclination. He was known to sell Comic books in his late primary schooling. In High school he stylised letter writing pads with addressee’s or senders caricatures. Shortly after schooling the eager youth found himself in Sync Sound studios with kenyas legendary music producer Ted Josiah. He did Musicien logos and T-shirts after which he never looked back. His Journey took him through the WHO , British Council , Deloitte and kenyas only art factory Chrysalis amongst others. The Artist is presently Mombasa based doing Art Consultancy, Swahili product development and running a HipHop program at Alliance Française de Mombasa. His art is post modernist Swahili , Arabesques and art nouveau in all médiums though Oïl on Canvas is his specialty.

Rafał Żarski

Rafał Żarski – Visual artist employing interdisciplinary in his art practice. His interest explores the after effects of contemporary labour systems including exhaustion, powerlessness, and leisure. He mixes fiction and scientific research
to find connections between activities of everyday life with global socio-economical mechanisms.Currently, He lives and works in Poznań (Poland).

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