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Recording of Girima Opera “Goma Ra Kimbi” [Women Power]

We invite you to listen to the recording of Girima Opera “Goma Ra Kimbi” [Women Power] created during DUOS Festival “Women Power”

Goma Ra Kimbi is the hybrid opera created by Alicja Pilarczyk and Shangazi Masika, based on the oral histories of Kenyan women. The series of Masika’s poems about the everyday life of Kenyan women are sung by the Tumaini choir (made up of women from local villages around Kilifi town) and students from Pwani University to a score written by Pilaczyk that features elements of rap, pop and classical music styles. The piece is also danced to an accompaniment of handmade rattles.

Gama Ra Kimbi reflects the important role that storytelling plays in the life of the tribe. It was performed at the Tribe Bandas in Kilifi, September 3, 2021 and exhibited during the joint exhibition in the National Museum in Szczecin (12.11.2021-16.01.20220.

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